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Welcome to Huntington Woods Orthodontics!

May 26, 2017

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Orthodontists, Braces, and Invisalign in Oakland County

September 29, 2017

Braces in Oakland County:


For years, if you wanted to be able to show off a bright, picturesque smile you had endure the unenticing and hassling process of getting traditional metal braces in Oakland County. Thankfully, Oakland County orthodontists are entering the 21st century with the help of Invisalign. Unlike the less than desirable and sometimes painful metal braces of the previous generation, Invisalign offers families an affordable and more appealing alternative.


Invisalign and Orthodontists in Oakland County:


How does Invisalign work? By using cutting-edge 3-D imaging technology, Invisalign can determine a comprehensive treatment plan tailored exactly to each patient’s needs in order to achieve a bright, straight smile. Once a custom plan of attack is made, custom clear alignment trays are built to comfortably fit over your teeth. Each tray is made for a specific stage and is worn for several weeks before being replaced with the next aligner tray in the process. This results in your teeth gradually and painlessly being moved into place. Dr. Gross will be there for you every step of the way on the path to a beautiful and confident smile.  



One of the largest benefits of choosing Invisalign Oakland County is that the aligner trays are clear plastic, so most people you come into contact with won’t even be able to tell that you have them at all. However, the perks keep going. There are a plethora of  benefits to having clear aligners, such as improvements to your oral health that will last more than a lifetime. In Oakland County, braces are not necessarily bad, but the benefits of Invisalign should definitely be considered before making a decision.


Compared to regular metal braces that require quite a bit of painstakingly tedious maintenance, Invisalign is very low maintenance. Numerous studies have shown that overall oral health improves when Invisalign is used over braces due to the simple fact that there is a smaller chance for food to be trapped in the brackets of regular metal braces. Simply remove your aligner trays prior to eating or drinking anything. Please remember to both brush and floss before putting your trays back in your mouth. Oakland County Orthodontists agree that proper maintenance is vital to the success of any orthodontic procedure.  


Invisalign- Oakland County:


Additionally, Invisalign doesn’t require steel brackets or wires, so there is zero need to worry about the aligner trays hurting your mouth. This also means that patients will spend much less time in the orthodontist’s chair, as there is also no need for routine adjustments on Invisalign Oakland County. Simply remove your trays to eat, drink, brush, and floss. Again, if this important point is ignored, it can mean the rapid growth of unwanted bacteria in your trays, which will then transfer onto your beautiful teeth. If this aspect is not consistently maintained, it can lead to far more serious oral afflictions, a few of which are plaque build-up, gingivitis, tooth decay, gum disease, and even bad breath.


However, practicing great oral hygiene and proper/consistent use of your Invisalign aligners will ensure a pristine smile that will last your lifetime.  For the best Orthodontist in the area, please contact Dr. Daniel Gross to schedule your free consultation!


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