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Welcome to Huntington Woods Orthodontics!

May 26, 2017

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Cleaning and Maintaining Braces- Your Number One Orthodontist for Clawson, Michigan!

July 2, 2018


Cleaning and Maintaining Braces- Your Number One Orthodontist for Clawson, Michigan!


Everyone know hows important it is to brush and floss properly while you're wearing braces, but what's the recommended way to do that? The top orthodontist in Clawson, MI reveals the best practices to maintain a healthy smile with braces.


Let's begin with basic brushing implements:


A soft-bristle brush or a bi-level brush (one that has shorter bristles in the middle and longer bristles at the edges) are very effective. Used carefully, electric toothbrushes can work just as well. However, be sure that the electric brush is set to a medium or low power level, and don't let the vibrations cause the back of the brush to come in contact with the braces.


Brush with a standard fluoride toothpaste at twice a day (preferably after eating), for at least two minutes every time. Remember to brush all of the exposed tooth surfaces: the outside, inside, and the chewing surfaces. Be especially sure to brush the area in between wires and teeth and brackets and gums.


Here's a great brushing technique recommended by the best orthodontist in Clawson, Michigan at Huntington Woods Orthodontics:


Starting at the outer surfaces, place the tip of the bristles flat against your teeth, and use small circular movements to gently brush them clean. For the areas between your braces and gums, tilt the brush in the direction of the gum line (down for your bottom teeth, up for your top) while continuing the circular motions. Next, focus on the chewing surfaces of the upper and lower teeth, using a gentle back and forth motion. Finally, finish by carefully brushing the inside of your teeth the same way that you brushed the outside. If you have further questions feel free to contact Dr. Daniel Gross, the top orthodontist in Clawson, MI.

Specialized Brushing Implements


If you're having trouble cleaning near brackets and wires, there are some specialized orthodontic tools that may assist. One example that is recommended by the best orthodontist in Clawson, Michigan is the “interdental toothbrush”.  It has a small tuft of bristles that stick up in all directions, similar to a pipe cleaner. Use it carefully to clean the small spaces between wires and around brackets.

Another specialized brushing tool is the oral irrigator AKA “water pick.” This implement shoots a small jet of pressurized water at your braces, which can help dislodge pieces of food that may be trapped in hard to clean spots. While fairly simple to use, an oral irrigator is not to be thought of as a substitute for a toothbrush or dental floss, but when used in conjunction with a correct brushing and flossing routine, it can be quite effective.


Flossing With Braces


To keep your teeth and gums healthy, your orthodontist in Clawson, MI recommends you floss at least once a day. However, flossing with braces can sometimes be a mit intimidating. However, the challenge is overcome with the aid of a “floss threader”. Using this tool is similar to threading a needle. You pull one end of the floss through the eye of the threader, and then push it under the wire of your braces. Now take the floss on each end and floss normally. Finally, take it out and use a new strand of floss for the next area.


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